Running Tips #3: Favorite Running Movies!

Chuck Wilcoxen: 

I have my favorites, including the classics; Without Limits, McFarland, USA, Chariots of Fire, Unbroken, On the Edge, Run Lola Run, Marathon Man… but years ago I saw a very original independent film called St. Ralph about a high school boy who pledges (I won’t give away the plot details, but they’re doozies) to win the Boston Marathon.  It was very funny, inspiring, and heart-wrenching, and doesn’t make many running movie lists.  That might be the one for me.  Not for everybody, and it has some moments not appropriate for kids, but I really loved it. 

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Casey Clark:

McFarland USA.
Without Limits.


David Wold: 

Chariots of Fire.


Chaz Wilcoxen