How we do it.


Our tag line: “Because Every Kid Deserves A Coach” perfectly describes the goal of our end game, but doesn’t do justice to how we get there.


The mentor/mentee relationship that we were founded to establish is really the “apex”, or ultimate activity Team Long Run supports. We’re going to call that program TLR Training Partners. It hasn’t changed much from its original concept, and we’re still actively recruiting mentors and mentees.

To develop a group of kids who might include potential mentees, we’ve begun a couple of programs aimed at younger kids. TLR KidStart Run Club is a low-intensity after or before hours K-6 running club administered by the schools but supported by Team Long Run. We provide T-shirts to the consistent participants, and shoes to kids who need them in order to join the fun. TLR KidStart Race In A Box is exactly that. We pack up T-shirts, cones, clipboards, stopwatches… the works, into a box, and send it to schools for a simple fun run. It takes just a couple of volunteers, a little open space, and a couple of hours prep.

Finally, we host drop-in sessions at area tracks: TLR Drop-In Running Clinics. The youngest kids play active games, and the older kids engage in appropriate training games and drills. As always, we’ve been providing shoes to kids that need them in order to participate.

Maine running non-profit - Team Long Run

So, you can see we’ve pivoted to developing mentees rather than discovering them.  It makes a lot of sense to us, because today everything we’re doing has an immediate positive impact, as well as making a potential long-term difference. It also neatly describes our strategy: to develop mentors from mentees, and mentees from participants.


You’ll see our new tag line “Giving Kids a Running Start.”  We think it more accurately describes the scope of what we do, but we still feel (in our bones) that every kid deserves a coach.