How We Do It.


Just as every kid deserves a coach, we believe every kid should have somebody to run with. To succeed as a runner, we’ve seen there’s no substitute for a great team experience. 

If a young person can't meet after school, or their school doesn't offer sports (and that number is growing rather than shrinking), how can they hope to be on a team? 

The answer lies in rethinking the traditional structure of a team, and we have designed Team Long Run from the ground up to meet that need.


Maine running non-profit - Team Long Run
Maine running non-profit - Team Long Run

Each athlete will have a mentor. That mentor will be carefully screened, prepared, and selected from a pool of former athletes and/or coaches to make sure he or she is the right running partner and the right coach for that athlete. 

The athlete and his or her mentor will meet once each week for the "long run." That may be a twelve mile run, or a two mile run, depending on the athlete's background and preparation. Every other day, there will be a quick, simple check-in where the athlete and mentor take the time to discuss progress, challenges, ideas, and well-being.


We’re gearing up to provide the athletes with a basic running kit: proper shoes, warmups, shorts, and a shirt. 

Every four hundred (or so) miles, they will likely need new shoes. They might also outgrow their outfits. Kids.



The runner will need to find some time during the week to fit in training runs, but it will be (with guidance from their mentor) on their own schedule. We feel strongly that independence should be linked to accountability.

Once each month, all of the runners and mentors (within a contained geographic area) will meet for a run. Maybe it’ll be an area road race, maybe not. This enlarges their sense of team and community, and should be a fun chance for everyone to make connections and compare notes.  

In August, everyone will be invited to a two day regional camp/clinic. The goal is to have fun and learn more about the benefits of being a "24 hour runner". Guest lecturers will be drawn from the most respected ranks of coaches and athletes, and many have already gotten on board. Respecting the universal truth that summer is special, we will schedule enough down time for the athletes to relax and get to know each other.