Team long run

Running Tips #1: What To Eat?

Let's hear what a few team members have to say!

Jake Meier:

My food choices change based off of the type of run I will be doing, however, they are all pretty similar. Before a big race I am a little (very) nervous, so eating usually isn’t a good idea for me. For my shorter to mid-length runs I like to have a Nature Valley bar, or two, and wash it down with a flavored water. For my long runs, I normally have a pretty hefty bike ride prior. I have 1-2 Chocolate Chip Cliff Bars, 1 Nature Valley, and 2 fruit strips during the bike, this usually sets me up pretty well for the run and I only need some water before the run. Post run, on the other hand, I eat anything I can get my hands on in the fridge... usually eggs and bacon!

Casey Clark:

True story, the ONLY thing I eat before a race is Brown Sugar pop tarts and water. Sometimes if I’m racing a little later in the day, and need something substantial, I’ll have a sandwich with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato OR a rice, black bean, and cheese burrito from Chipotle. But no matter what, I have to eat the brown sugar pop tart at some point :)

Chuck Wilcoxen:

I feel a little guilty admitting this. I feel even guiltier that I may have influenced others erroneously… but I also go to my old friend the PopTart shortly before a run. (Disclaimer: I swear we’re not being paid for endorsements or product placement, although maybe the President of Pop-Tarts will read this and do the right thing. Hint.) The night before a race, I never really bought into carb loading, but pasta always seemed to sit well and made choosing much simpler. The worst pre-run for me? Italian Wedding Soup or The Ballistic Elvis sandwich. Never again. And of course, I drink enough water.