Team long run

Running Tips #4: Traditions and Superstitions


I do eat the same pre-race meal: English muffin/toast with peanut butter, honey, and an apple.
Pre-race night routine - I would always try to drink way more water than normal in the two days before a race.
Sleep - I tried to sleep a lot the two nights leading up to a race.
The women's team always made cards with inspirational quotes, my rule for myself was to remember one inspirational idea, any more than that was hard for me to really remember during races.


Same pre-race meal.
Pre-race (night) routine. Mine was watching Breaking Away.
Shoes tied differently for right and left.


My race traditions and superstitions go waaaay back. I began with pre-meet beef burritos from Taco Joe’s in Cos Cob… I didn’t know any better, and it worked. Until it didn’t. A quick switch to pasta and/or brown rice became the new solution. As noted before, a Pop Tart 45 minutes before the start. I had a shirt I wore for every road race until it actually disintegrated… from Fat Boy’s Barbecue in north Florida. I never wore socks. Even in the snow. From 1988 on, I liked to hear “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel right before the gun. It was in my earphones right before the start of my happiest marathon… it smoothed me out without putting me to sleep. It still does.


I always eat a chocolate cupcake luna bar on race day, wear my Chacos with socks to the meet, and race with my hair in a French braid.


I usually would try to read a part of the Bible lesson or some type of inspirational quote when I wake up. I usually have granola and milk for breakfast. Take a fruit and a few granola/Luna bars for snacks.


I will spend time in the morning finding inspiration which helps tie my training and my motive for running together :) then I am a big fan of eating peanut butter as my pre-race food - it's filling, but not too heavy which makes it great running food in my mind!