Team long run


In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and a philanthropically focused Tuesday), Hello!

I'm jumping the gun a little to say thanks to everyone who's sent their hard-earned money to help us get off the ground. Your generosity is a beautiful thing. We don't take any contribution for granted, and spend more carefully than you'd ever imagine. Even our pro bono accountant is impressed.

We've added an unplanned activity to TLR's work… just stumbled upon the need recently. There are kids in a nearby elementary school who have to sit out PE class because they don't have (can't afford) proper athletic shoes. They literally sit against the gym wall and watch. You can see where this is heading, right? Not in our original mission, but way too easy to fix to ignore. We're not going out of our way to identify more schools with this situation, but when we see 'em, we'll try to help. We think providing these shoes fits our calling, and hope you agree.

Again, jumping the “Giving Tuesday” gun a bit, we could immediately use and would greatly appreciate your continued financial support. Please don’t fret the amount, it all adds up. One friend labeled his check "The Widow's Mite". Apparently he and I have very different ideas about what "mite" means... it was very generous.

We've added a "donate" button to the website, It makes it very easy to give through Paypal. Thanks to all of you who suggested this, it actually works!

Thank you for the gifts you’ve shared, and thanks in advance for helping us tomorrow and the days after.