It doesn't take a lot to host a race. Do you know schools who may be interested? Team Long Run will provide everything they need to get kids out racing!


Hosting a Fun Run doesn’t have to be hard. 

They’re called fun for a reason, right? We’ve hosted enough races to know what’s essential, and have boiled the ingredients down to preparation that can be done in one morning by a handful of volunteers and supplies that can fit in a cardboard box.

The race distances we recommend are 1k for kids up to grade 4 (with their parents), 2k for 4th graders and up (their parents too!)  There are lots of longer races out there, but these distances let the kids really run hard without hitting the “suffer” zone.

We recommend marking a 1k loop off the roads! There should be room on school grounds or in a nearby park to set up a safe course.  Again, the simpler the better: flat-ish, straight-ish, and wide-ish, all within sight of the start and finish.  We’re always happy to help you plan your course!

Our honor-system finish protocols are very simple as well: just call out the times as runners cross the finish line, and have them report their times to your finish-line volunteer (with the clipboard) to record.

What's in the box:

T-shirts.  We’ll supply a limited edition T-shirt for each pre-registered youth participant.  Just send us their registrations at least 10 days in advance so we’ll know what shirts to send.

An optic yellow hat marked “Race Director” to make the lead coordinator easy to spot.

A clipboard with finish line tally sheets already in place, as well as two weather-proof pens.

12 cones to mark the 1k loop and a can of water-based fluorescent marking paint for course direction, start and finish lines.

A stopwatch and starting whistle.

You literally just need to add water!

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