We know that fresh air and exercise are key components of a balanced life and developing balanced, healthier kids. The question is, can we afford that time in an already crowded day? We believe there’s an overwhelming body of evidence that says we can’t afford not to provide this opportunity.

Twenty minutes of exercise during the school day isn’t a distraction. It improves focus and a child’s readiness to learn. Studies show that sedentary students demonstrate a decrease in time on task.

Other studies document that just a single bout of moderate intensity activity (brisk walking or running) significantly improves a student’s performance on tasks requiring attentional inhibition. Additional available evidence suggests the strongest relationships exist between aerobic activity and performance in mathematics, reading, and English.

Running is especially beneficial with respect to tasks that require working memory and problem solving. Kids learn more after they walk or run.  

Above and beyond the cognitive benefits, participation in a program like Recess Run Club enhances school connectedness and makes a kid less likely to engage in risky behavior.

Recess run club

Twenty minutes of physical activity during a day works magic.

If you’d like to see just how much kids have to gain, please check out this article that covers just some of the evidence we’ve referenced:  

NCBI Article

20 minute recess run club example

We’ve re-tooled our Run Club format to fit a standard 20-minute recess period. Here’s an example of what a session looks like.

Next: the steady rate run

Walk, Jog, or Run on a safe, observable loop for 15 minutes. It may be the perimeter of a playing field or playground.

Cover as much distance as you can!

Warm-up: 5 minutes

High knee march: 20 meters out and High Knee run back

20 Mountain Climbers

Walking lunge: 10 meters out and back

Walking heel-pull: 10 meters out, and Walking Knee Hug 10 meters back

Skip for height: 20 meters out and back

20 Shoulder Taps

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