TLRoads Scholars.

Running & reading program.

We started TLR understanding that running was foundational to a confident, active, athletic life. Beyond that, our mission identifies running as an instrument of change that helps kids live lives of satisfaction and purpose.

Through our work in schools, we’ve discovered that in much the same way, reading is foundational to all learning. Reading is an instrument of change as well, helping kids live lives of discovery and wonder.

“Being good for you” is not all running and reading have in common. Both are simple. Just as you can simply lace up your shoes and go for a run, you can simply pick up a book and read. Both require some consistency and discipline, and both reward consistency and discipline. The more you do either, the more you get out of either.

We’d like to encourage kids to do both. “TLRoads Scholars” is a platform where kids and their parents can keep track of the miles they walk or run, and the pages they read. There are three categories to participate in: Reading Miles (10 pages=1 mile), Running Miles (1 mile=1 mile), and TLRoads Scholar (combined). In addition, parents can post and track their miles in the “Masters” category.

We’ve discovered kids have a lot more fun and are a lot more likely to adopt running or reading as a lifetime habit if their parents participate with them! The Program rewards accomplishment. Each week, we’ll award a T-shirt and book to the leader in each category, and at the end of the summer the overall leader will win a FitBit fitness monitor. Sign up below! We will email over a log sheet and other info.

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