Let’s give kids a running start.

We’re working every day to change kids’ outcomes for the better, and we invite you to be a part of it. Learning happens with reading, and learning happens better when kids are active.

Holiday Book Gifting

Brighten a child’s holiday. Give them a book!
You can help us help kids this holiday by donating to our campaign to buy books for children in our local Head Start programs here in rural Maine.

If you are local, you can choose one of five books (at Bridgton Books) that have been requested by Head Start professionals and which connect to their curriculum, buy them, and we will deliver them to the Head Start centers. If you are not local, you can donate online (or send a check) and we will pick out the books to be delivered. Either way, a child’s holiday will be brighter because of your gift!

Kids playing at a Team Long Run Run Club

Our impact.

What started as a running program with four kids in rural Maine has evolved and grown to positively impact thousands of kids across the country. Together, we can give them a running start.