What is Head Start?

According to the Office of the Administration for Children & Families, Head Start programs promote the school readiness of infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children from low-income families. Services are provided in a variety of settings including centers, family child care, and children's own home. Head Start programs also engage parents or other key family members in positive relationships, with a focus on family wellbeing. Parents participate in leadership roles, including having a say in program operations.

More on Head Start
More on Head Start

What is Title 1?

Title I is one of the federal funding streams that supplements how much money each state allocates for schools. There are other “Title” funds too, I-VII, all aiming to aid students who have burdens that may get in the way of accessing an equitable education. These burdens include poverty, homelessness, living in state-run institutions, living in isolated rural districts, and those still learning the English language. (There is a separate funding stream for students with disabilities.)

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Title I was created “to ensure economically disadvantaged children receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, by helping to close academic achievement gaps.”

More on Title I
More on Title I

Our mission

Team Long Run is a registered non-profit that uses active play and reading to give kids living in rural communities a brighter future.

How do we do that?

To support early reading, we supply books to every child in a school to take home and keep. Research has proven that books in the home are the single most reliable predictor of early literacy. Research has also proven that active kids are better prepared to learn. This is true in the classroom and at home. We provide original, active play programs that are easily delivered by teachers and parents. Together, books in the home and active play equip a child for academic success.

Our vision: Every child deserves an equal and fair chance at success.

Core Values:


We develop new programs and approaches to deal with the old problem of generational poverty and how it affects literacy and learning.


We partner with and support experts in the field of childhood education. Their input enables us to assess and redirect our programs as needed, making them effective and sustainable. We will never charge a school or parent for our programs.


Childhood poverty, illiteracy, and inequity are serious challenges. Without a strong belief in the potential for change, they can seem overwhelming. We believe that every problem has a solution. We are committed to finding and implementing those solutions.

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Our Team

Chuck Wilcoxen

Founder & Mission Director

Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen

Executive Director

Kim Schuyler


Kelly Peticolas

Travel Consultant

Ben Taylor

Marketing Advisor

Chaz Wilcoxen

Marketing Advisor

Our Board

Dan Kinley | President

Dan Kinley is currently serving as President of the Team Long Run Board of Directors. He is a former social studies teacher for grades 5-8 at the Fairfield Country Day School in Connecticut. He also worked as a swim instructor at the Wilton, Ct. YMCA. As a volunteer for the Wilton, Ct. Historical Society he helped create and present historical educational programs for children. He lives in Maine; a life long dream.

Joe Ehrhardt | Secretary

Joe Ehrhardt is currently serving as the Board Secretary for TLR. He retired in 2019 as Sr Vice President of Research & Development for Congoleum Corporation. During his career, he also held leadership positions in several industry-wide organizations. Outside of work, Joe served his community. He spent thirteen years on his local school board in a variety of roles. He was also a youth soccer and softball coach for all three of his now grown children. Joe’s interest in Maine began in his years attending Bates College in Lewiston. He currently splits his time between New Jersey and Colorado.

Chuck Wilcoxen | Treasurer

Chuck taught and coached for many years at the secondary and collegiate level. As a coach, Chuck spent most of his career coaching runners. By the time he started Team Long Run, he'd reached the highest levels of national and international coaching education and certification. He's enjoyed the fun and challenge of adapting his experience to work with younger and younger kids. When he's not playing tag with kindergartners, Chuck writes stories and loves to travel.

Allison Aleshire

Allison serves on TLR’s Trek Committee. She earned a California teaching credential with an emphasis on early elementary reading at Chapman University. She specialized in tutoring young children who were considered “troubled readers,” guiding them towards a love of books and reading.

Other positions include accounts payable, financial reporting, and website administration at a law firm; personnel administration at a manufacturing firm; and student career counseling at a private college. She holds a BA degree in History from UCLA.

Allison has hiked many miles with Team Long Run in several countries. Three grandchildren are her favorite audience for read-aloud books.

Sibylle Kinley

Sibylle serves as the Assistant Treasurer for TLR. She also works as an Administrative Assistant to several Real Estate Agents in Fairfield County, CT.

She has been a member of the Wilton Student Financial Aid Committee since 2012, a non-profit that helps fund need-based college education to any eligible Wilton, CT student. She served as Chair for WSFAC from 2015-2020 and is now serving as a Committee Member. Sibylle was President of the Wilton, CT High School PTSA and Co-Chaired the Wilton PTA Council.

Sibylle now lives in Maine with her husband, Dan. In her spare time, she enjoys birding, photography and exploring State and National Parks.

Joy Langdon

Joy chairs the Trek Committee on the TLR Board. She has approximately twenty years of experience in financial services with a background in investment compliance, investment compliance technology, transfer agent technology, system migration, and banking.  She is currently the president and founder of TillieStar Compliance Solutions, Inc, a consulting firm based in Boston, MA.  Joy graduated from Emmanuel College with a degree in Business Administration. In her free time she loves to take long treks with Team Long Run!

Jake Meier

Jake Meier is currently serving on the Trek Committee for TLR. He is currently the Director of Marketing & Communications for Infinity Home Services and oversees a multi-million dollar marketing budget. He is a former Director at Cedars Camps, a non-profit summer camp for children ages 6-17. Jake also helps advise marketing efforts for Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue, a non-profit out of Arizona. Jake lives in Wisconsin with his daughter Reagan, who loves nightly story time and exploring all the local State Parks. Jake holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen

Hilary serves on TLR’s Trek Committee and is acting Executive Director. Her many years in education, fundraising, and management have enabled her to use her experience to help kids in rural Maine. Her favorite after work activity is to sit on the back porch and listen to the stream.

Andy Reed

Working with the building trades for the past 25 years, Andy has learned the importance of providing strong support in reading and math skills for young students. Learning is the foundation of success. As a business owner, he knows that the local community is the backbone for its families and that is why he supports active charities like Team Long Run and Habitat for Humanity. Giving back is the joy of paying forward.