Highlights from our Paris Trek

Spring of 2023

Springtime in Paris!

Images of outdoor cafes and children in gardens leap to mind. But our Paris trip was more about the way everyone treated one another than the things we saw. It was about the small, almost unseen kindness each one gave to others
... waiting at a crosswalk or moving over to let another sit down. Small but powerful. And then there were the healings! We all know about them, and I think we will all cherish them for a very long time.

We want to thank you for being a part of an extraordinary group of women. Women who brought their individual inspiration, strength, and humor to an unformed group, and left Paris with a dozen new friends!

Thanks for joining us!
Hilary, Chuck, + Kelly

Phoebe, Lisa, Betsy, Alice, Sue, Karen, Shari, Sharon, Mary, Mary, and Jule.

Come join us on an upcoming trek!

In 2024, we're leading small group adventure travel trips to Paris & Normandy, Veneto and Dolomites, and the great Italian Cities! We've teamed up with Kelly Peticolas, our old friend and colleague who has her own travel business, Olive Group Travel, to offer these trips as "philanthropic travel" opportunities. 100% of our net proceeds go to Team Long Run's youth programs!