Highlights from our Southwest Trek

Spring of 2022
Nevada, Arizona, Utah

Here's a day-by-day description of our trek to the high-desert canyons in Utah and Arizona.

The proceeds from each of our treks support our work with kids in high-poverty homes... that's why we call it philanthropic travel!

Southwest trek travel log / itinerary

Day 7

Back to Vegas for a car drop off and to catch our flights and get home to loved ones (human and canine).

Day 6

One more trip to Zion for our last hike together to see The Emerald Pools and the Virgin River (3.5 miles). We ate our lunch on the patio in rocking chairs and headed home to pack for our early departure on Day 7! Drove down to Las Vegas for our flights and our good byes. Until next time!! What a great group you all were. We thank you!!

Day 5

We headed out over the bumpy dirt roads of Cottonwood Canyon Road next morning to see Bryce Canyon. We walked the rim trail (3.5 miles) and very high elevation (almost 9,000 feet) so we really felt it! Chuck and Suzanne went down to the bottom of the canyon floor (about another 2.5 miles) and were able to help another hiker. Yay Chuck and Suzanne!

We drove on from there late in the day to Zion National Park arriving just as the light was perfect for us to see what was in store for us!

We set out on the shuttle system to get into the park and hike Riverside Walk (2 miles total) up to the famous Narrows opening. After a relaxing lunch in the park we headed home. Our next adventure was the deserted town of Grafton, a “ghost” town where we stopped by the cemetery first, and headed down the dusty, dirt road to see the four houses and one church that comprised the town. Those pioneers had a rough life...

Day 4

Day 4 saw us on the water at Lake Powell where we took a wonderful boat trip through lower Antelope Canyon with our guide, Ryan. Quote for the day from Ryan was, “Experience is the thing you get after you need it.” He would know having been a Colorado River guide for 21 years!

From the boat trip some of the group headed out to another hike up yet another slot canyon, Buckskin Gultch. Everyone who went loved it! And those who stayed behind loved that, too. Those who hiked went about 4 miles.

Day 3

We woke up to a beautiful view from the hotel, got our delicious lunches and headed out to see out first “slot” canyon: Willis Creek. We walked app. 3 miles again!

We then stopped at the even more remote Lick Wash slot canyon (only one other car was there) and then headed home for a shower and dinner. This picture is me staying behind in the car. I’m watching desert birds and taking selfies! The walk was about 3.5 miles. 

Day 2

We hopped in our enormous SUV and headed to Page, Arizona stopping at Toad Stool park where we saw out first hoodoos, met a brave woman climbing down the rocks, and got to know each other a bit on the 4.5 hour drive. We walked approximately 3 miles total.

Day 1

Day 1 found us in Las Vegas. We spent the night at the JW Marriott, walked through the on-site casino, and had some tasty meals at the local restaurants.

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